Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Bila koLeJ mula rasa nak cuti..bila cuti dah mula, terasa nak pi kolej balik..apa kes la ngn aku nie pun aku tak tau..nie la akibat terlalu buhsan..time aku baru start holiday, bf aku plak start new sem..haiz..kawan2 plak dah start study balik..inaz dah balik kuantan..nad dah balik SP...aku gakz yang dok ada kat penang nie..alangkah bestnya kalau buah hati aku ada kat least bleh la spend time ngn dia..apasal la kuantan tue jauh sangat ngn penang..kalau sebelah penang kan best..sayang..rindunyer!!!=(

argh..daripada aku layan buhsan and rindu aku..lebih baik aku buat survey nie..dalam masa yang sama aku update gakz la blog aku nie...hehe...


If you were really upset, who is the first guy you'd go
ofcoz la my lovely effy...=p

Who is the first girl you go to?
LiLa, NadiaH, Inaz!!!

If someone liked you right now, would you want them to tell you?
Up to them..but i prefer NO! coz that doesnt make any different to me..hehe

Do you prefer to take showers in the morning,
or night?

Do you think you have made a difference in anyone's life?
Yes i do! i always change someone who always frustrated with LIFE!!

Do you remember the name of your first school you ever went to?
OFCOZ!!! one of my sweetest memory that i WONT FORGET !!

Which year has been the best so far?
2000 is still in memory, 2005 is also in memory, but the best year start when i really fall in love with someone in 2005 until now.....=)

Last text message in your inbox?
KaK DiaNa..."diana,bleh bagi num phone nadiah?".....

Break someone's heart or have your heart broken?
my heart is still broken ONCE.. but someone is putting it back in pieces but i broke his heart as i know we cant go far...but someone stole my heart again and this time i promise to myself that i wont broke his heart as I LOVE HIM TRULY MADLY DEEPLY FROM MY HEART... thanks syg(izat effy)..!

Three feelings at the moment?
Lonely, Sad, MissiNG soMeone sOOO MUcH.....

Last movie you watched?
Dark Knight!!!

Last song you sang out loud:

What's your favorite number?

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
wow!! ofcoz i waNt My saYaNg..But My saYaNg is Not a I wanT one sPort CaR..ReD FeRRaRi...=]

Who makes you happiest right now?
NO ONE!!!! all busy with their own stuff!! including my BF..haiz...

What's the last thing you thought about?
waNNa RuN To KUaNtaN aNd MeeT My masih berFikiran waras lagi.. haha..=p

Do you think a relationship can last 6 months without cheating?
Yes of coz!!! im always in relationship more than 2 years... so 6 month its just a short period!!!

What is one thing you question a lot?

Are you married?

What did you do last night?
welll...biasala...update my lovely blog and on9....

Which is more romantic: sunrise or sunset?
Both!!! if my sayang with me....=)

Are you happier single or in a relationship?
doesnt make any different to me! as my BF is Far awaY and im not a gurl that always can go out!!!!haha..=)

Have you ever liked someone who treated you badly?
NOT YET!! for what i wanna in love with this people!! =)

Last person you said I love you to?
TaKKan La To My Ex..haha..MestiLaH to My LOVELY saYaNg, MOHD IZAT EFFY...

What are you doing tommorrow?
Haha..Dunno..evrydaY is a saMe Day To Me...

Do you think you'll be married in 10 year?
Erk??by that time im already 30...i hope i already married tHat time..haha..=)

Why is your relationship status the way it is?
because i love him !!!

Who do you dislike currently?
im not kind of person who easily dislike someone...but currently i do have 2 person that i dislike..both person backstab me!!! i really hate that!!=(

Are you in a good mood?